65$ per night                


The Luxurious Life at Ooh La La Pet Spaw & Hotel

During the week (Monday through Friday) our pups play in a constant rotation of playgroups with all day daycare included in their stay. Dogs must pass an assessment to play in all day playgroups.  These rotations are done around the clock from 7 AM to 7 PM with small breaks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our highly trained pack leaders work hard to make sure each dog is happy & having tons of fun in their own playgroup. They start the rotation with the small pups, then go on to big doggies, and finally take out any family groups or dogs that must be by themselves. We do not mix small and large dogs together for their own safety. Then it is back to the beginning of the rotation with smalls again! Each rotation, the dogs can go into our large dry yard with interactive play equipment and chill zone OR upgrade to our exciting splash park with tons of water features. The groups are out between 15 to 30 minutes at a time depending on the weather. Play groups may be postponed due to inclement weather for the dog’s and the staff’s safety. Dogs that can’t be in a playgroup will have limited play time. We fit a whole rotation of groups within an hour. While the groups are outside, our staff cleans each suite, makes sure each dog has fresh water, and fluffs their blankets. When the dogs are not out in their group, they are relaxing in their air-conditioned individual suite on a comfy bed & blanket with plenty of fresh clean water.

On the weekends, we try to let the pups relax and catch up on their rest. On Saturdays we run groups from 8 AM to 2 PM. Since we are closed for daycare on Saturday, groups will still be run, but not as often as during the week. After 2 PM the facility is closed, so everyone settles in for an afternoon siesta. At 6:30 PM our pack leaders are back to take everyone potty, feed dinner, and make sure each suite is clean and tidy. On Sundays, our facility is closed, but we still take care of everyone. The pack leaders come in three times throughout the day (7 AM, 12 PM, and 6:30 PM) for potty time, meals, and cleaning. The dogs only go out for a quick potty break and then they are brought back inside. After a hard week of playing, the pups appreciate a day off to rest their muscles and get extra sleep. The facility is also completely monitored via cameras so even if the staff is not here, we can still keep an eye on your baby. 

We encourage all first-time clients to try our free ½ day of daycare & assessment so your pup can settle into our luxurious lifestyle. Pet parents can come in for a tour any time we are open so they can see all the fun perks we have available!

Add On Splashpark
 7$ a day