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Ooh La La Pet Spaw & Hotel

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Ooh La La Pet Spaw & Hotel is a family owned business.  It was started in Angies garage grooming animals,  and grew into a mobile pet spaw.  Now she is excited to help take care of your family member with doggy daycare and boarding! With her family helping her follow her dreams she is ready to make sure your dogs dreams come true too!

Meet Angie

Angie  has a passion for animals and truly loves what she does.  Her motto is “I treat every pet as if it was my own”. Angie has worked tirelessly for over 13 years to grow her business to what is is today.  Her career in dogs started  as a kennel tech for a veterinarian office. She then became a veterinary technician. She started grooming with the encouragement of all her fellow team members at the vet clinic she worked at. She would groom all the elderly dogs that needed special attention and time and patience.  She then went on to study proper grooming techniques and has learned from some of the best groomers and seminars. She is an amazing woman and when you meet her you will see why not only the clients lover her but so do their owners!

  • Locally owned small family business

  • Serving Argyle and Orange Park for over 13 years

  • Highly recommended

  • Puts dogs needs first

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